[2023] Cambridge IELTS 18 (PDF & Audio) – Detailed Solution Cambridge 18

The Cambridge IELTS 18 test set has officially appeared and promises to bring you quality IELTS tests, close to the real IELTS exam. Besides Cambridge 18 book , in this article, TLGD will also introduce to you the book ” Decoding IELTS Cambridge 18 Academic”  which helps to explain this Cambridge Ielts 18 18 book in detail . What are you waiting for, let’s find out with TLGD right in this article.


Introducing the book Cambridge IELTS 18

Basic information of the book Cambridge IELTS 18
PublisherUniversity of Cambridge
Publishing year2023
Number of pages147
Suitable subjectsTo be able to make good use of this book, learners should have a strong English foundation and be at a level (5.0-6.0+ IELTS).
Link to download the bookClick here


Cambridge IELTS 18 book is definitely one of the most anticipated books by IELTS students in 2023.


As part of the Cambridge University book series, IELTS Cambridge 18 will definitely be a quality test that those who intend to take the IELTS need to pass.

Just like the  IELTS Cambridge book 17 , the Cambridge IELTS 18 book provides Practice Tests (according to the standard format of the real test) and accompanying answers, not giving instructions or tips at all. 

This book is suitable for those who already have a solid foundation in English, and want to practice more test questions to prepare for the IELTS exam. If you are still not sure what level you are at, you can refer to  TGL TV’s free level test .

Detailed review of Cambridge IELTS 18 . book

Book layout

If you have done the Cambridge IELTS books before (9-17) , then surely you will not be too unfamiliar with the layout of these books. If you are not sure, here is the main layout of the book

Main partsContent
IntroductionGive some background information related to the book. Also, introduce the format of IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training
Practice TestProvide quality test questions with the same format as real tests for all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
AudioscriptsGive the transcript for the Listening lesson
Listening and Reading Answer KeysGive answers to Listening and Reading exercises
Sample Writing AnswerProvide sample answers for Writing (band score ranges from 5.5 to 7.5)

Cambridge IELTS 18 book includes 4 practice tests for all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). Sample exam questions are carefully designed and reviewed. Moreover, the difficulty of this Cambridge Ielts 18 book is considered to be very close to the difficulty of the actual IELTS test.

Therefore, please remember to download this Cambridge IELTS 18 (Cam 18)  and practice the test questions in the book before taking the IELTS exam.

Details of the book 

Here are the Topics included in the book

Test 1Listening Section 1Transport survey _
Listening Section 2Becoming a volunteer for ACE
Listening Section 3Talk on jobs in fashion design
Listening Section 4Elephant translocation _
Reading Passage 1Urban  farming
Reading Passage 2Forest management in Pennsylvania, USA
Reading Passage 3Conquering Earth ‘ s space junk problem
Test 2Listening Section 1Working at Milo ‘ s Restaurants
Listening Section 2The new housing development plan (New housing development plan)
Listening Section 3The Laki eruption
Listening Section 4Pockets _
Reading Passage 1Stonehenge
Reading Passage 2Living with artificial intelligence
Reading Passage 3An ideal city (An ideal city)
Test 3Listening Section 1Wayside Camera Club
Listening Section 2Mushroom picking
Listening Section 3Automation and the future of work
Listening Section 4Space Traffic Management
Reading Passage 1Materials to take us beyond concrete
Reading Passage 2The steam car (Car)
Reading Passage 3The case for mixed – ability classes
Test 4Listening Section 1Job details from employment agency
Listening Section 2The Museum of Farming Life
Listening Section 3Origami as an educational tool (Origami as an educational tool)
Listening Section 4Victor Hugo
Reading Passage 1Green roofs (Green roofs)
Reading Passage 2The growth mindset
Reading Passage 3Alfred Wegener science , exploration and the theory of continental drift

Download Cambridge IELTS book 18

Cambridge IELTS 18 (PDF & Audio) 


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Detailed Solution Cam 18

In this article, Our team also wants to bring to you the book ” Decoding IELTS Cambridge 18 Academic “. This book not only provides detailed step-by-step problem solving, but also visually illustrated by color coding method, helping you to “catch” the traps in the exam.

More specifically, the general structure of the book consists of 3 main parts

  • Part 1: Name of the type of post and how to do each form
  • Part 2: Correct answers and explanations
  • Part 3: Wrong answers and explanations

In addition to explaining and illustrating wrong answers, the book also provides additional expertise on related topics to help learners improve their knowledge.

Download the book Detail Solution Cam 18

Download “Decoding IELTS Cambridge 18 Academic”:  Click here!

Above are all detailed information related to the content and detailed explanations of Cambridge Ielts 18 book. We hope that you will be able to make the most of the content contained in this book to prepare for the exam. take your IELTS test.

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