Đề thi giữa kì 2 Tiếng Anh 7 Global Success – Tài Liệu Giáo Dục

SECTION  A: A. LISTENING (2 points/0.25 each)

Part 1: Listen and tick () the box A, B or C. 

1. Which bowl did David buy?

 A. bowl made of glass        B. bowl made of wood                     C. bowl made of silver

2. Which card will David choose?

 A. The one with the Snow man      B. The one with a bridge      C. The one with the boat 

3. Where did David lose his umbrella?

 A. went shopping                 B. ate in the restaurant                   C. went to the station

4. Which is David’s favourite biscuit?

 A. biscuit with coconut       B. biscuit with jam                           C. biscuit with chocolate 

5. What time are they going to have dinner?

 A. half past six                     B. seven o’clock                               C. eight o’clock

Part 2: Listen and look , then write   the correct answer. There is one example. 




               Needs new     :     …..clothes….. 



  (6.) Where?   :


  (7.) get there :

________________________________ .

  (8.) Who with?


  (9.) Sports:

swimming and_____________________.

  (10.) Homework :


SECTION  B: LANGUAGE FOCUS (3 points/0.25 each)

Part I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

11.   A. cooked                     B. stopped                    C. decided

12.   A. cycle                        B. city                           C. fly                                   

Part II. Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.

13. A film tries to make the audience laugh is a _________.

A. comedy                             B. documentary           C. cartoons

14. The film was so _________that we almost fell asleep.

A. funny                                B. dull                           C. violent                            

15. __________  we played wellwe didn’t win the match

A. Because                            B. Although                  C. However



  1. Hospital ahead
  2. No hospital
  3. No cycling

17. ___________ is it from your house to the nearest bus stop? – About 50 meters

A. How far                            B. How long                 C. How often                      

18. _______ is not very far from here to the city centre.

A. That                                   B. This                          C. It                                                  

19There wasn’t a ______________ display on New Year’s Eve last year.

A. float                                  B. feast                          C. firework

20. “Let’s go to the cinema tonight.”   – “_________________________”

A. it was disapointing         B. Good idea                C. You’re welcome

21. __________ does it take you to get to Ho Chi Minh City by plane? – About 2 hours. 

A. How far                  B. How much                         C. How long

22. We  __________ walk across the street at the zebra crossing.

A. should                   B. shouldn’t                             C. couldn’t

SECTION C. READING  (2.5 points/0.25 each)

Part I. Read the text and choose the best answer A, B, or C for each of the following questions

When you are in Hong Kong, you can go about by taxi, by tram, by bus, or (23)______ underground. I prefer the underground (24) ______  it is fast, easy and cheap. There are many  trams and buses in Hong Kong, and one cannot drive on the road quickly   and without stopping many times. The underground is therefore usually quicker (25)———taxis or buses. If you do not know Hong Kong very well, it is very difficult (26)______  the bus you want. You can take a taxi, but it is (27)———— expensive than the underground or a bus.

At the underground you can find good maps that tell you the station names and show you (28)______   to get to them, so that it is easy to find your way.

23. A. in                                 B. by                                       C. on                           

24. A. because                      B. when                                  C. so                           

25. A. as                                 B. than                                   C. so                           

26. A. finding                        B. to find                               C. found                     

27. A. more                           B. much                                 C. as                           

28. A. who                             B. when                                  C. how            

Part 2: Read the passage and decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

Jack, 14

I love going to the cinema because there are always eight films on at our local cinema complex, and it’s really modern. The ice cream is fantastic and there’s great popcorn and other snacks. I go with my friends every Friday. We all like science fiction films with action and suspense.

Katie, 13

I don’t like horror films or science fiction films but I love romantic comedies. One of my favorite films is The Proposal. It’s about a woman who decides to marry her assistant, but they’re not really in love. His family, in Alaska, try to organize traditional wedding … it’s very funny. In the end, they fall in love, of course. There isn’t any movie theatre near Jack’s house.




29Jack enjoys going to the movie theater.



30Jack and his friends don’t love science fiction films.



31Katie doesn’t like romatic comedies.



32. There isn’t any movie theatre near Katie’s house.




Part 1: Find the mistake in each sentence. (0,5pt)

33. Do you like watching fantasy? Yes, I am.

           A                     B            C     D

34. Although the questions were very difficult. However, he solved them easily.

            A                                                        B                          C                        D

Part 2: Use the words provided to make meaningful sentences.( 1pt)

35. It/ 500 meters / my house / the cinema.


36. How far/ your house/ the gym?

@ _______________________________________________________________________

Part 3: Rewrite the following sentences based on the given words. (1pt)

37. I got very wet in the rain. I had an umbrella. (ALTHOUGH)

@ I _____________________________________________________________________

38. Why don’t you go and watch the show ? (WHAT ABOUT)

@ _________________________________________________________________________



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