Bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 Global Success theo từng Unit

Tài Liệu Giáo Dục giới thiệu đến bạn tài liệu Bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 Global Success theo từng unit. Tài liệu này soạn bám sát theo chương trình Tiếng Anh 7. Giúp học sinh luyện tập và cũng cố kiến thức cũng như khắc sâu kiến thức cho học sinh. Trong mỗi unit được soạn đa dạng các dạng bài tập. Bạn có thể xem 1 unit mẫu bên dưới



I. Put the words into the correct column.

bird                          cinema                     surfing                     neighbour               world

collect                     arrange                    prefer                      badminton              turn

common                  first                          favourite                 learn                        occasion








II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. burn                             B. hurt                              C. birth                             D. singer

2. A. love                              B. colour                          C. opinion                        D. above

3. A. mother                         B. badminton                   C. learn                             D. picture

4. A. hobby                          B. about                            C. collect                          D. player

5. A. surfing                         B. future                           C. person                          D. girl



I. Match the words with the verb list.

stamps, judo, camping, the guitar, basketball, jogging, swimming, yoga, old books, coins









II. Fill in each blank with a word or phrase from the box.

1. He enjoys sitting on the sofa in the living room and ____________ at the weekend.

2. My father likes ____________ . He says that it is a simple way to get more fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Victor’s favourite hobby is ____________ . He plays football when he is free. He started to play football when he was seven.

4. Kelly’s hobby is ____________ . She likes many kinds of music, especially she is interested in US-UK songs.                              


5. My grandpa has followed ____________ as a hobby for over 30 years. He used wood and tissue paper to make his models.

6. Lots of kids love ____________ . But playing computer games too much may lead to health problems.

7. A great hobby to start is ____________ . You need to buy a canvas, some basic paint colours and some paintbrushes.

8. My personal favourite is ____________ . I love it more than anything else. I always want to be in a pool, a sea or a lake.

9. Albert’s hobby is ____________ . He has thirty postcards and ten different countries’ stamps.

10. I love ____________ . Photography is the best of my all possible hobbies. I sat for a handful of minutes, taking a couple of pictures.

III. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

1. We sometimes play _________ at school.

     A. stamps                         B. photos                          C. glasses                         D. chess

2. When did you start _________ postcards?

     A. playing                        B. cooking                       C. collecting                    D. listening

3. My brother wants to _________ roses and orchids in the garden.

     A. watch                           B. make                            C. take                              D. plant

4. What kind of music do you like _________ to?

     A. listening                      B. watching                      C. playing                        D. hearing

5. Paul thinks _________ coins is an interesting hobby.

     A. picking                        B. collecting                    C. playing                        D. having

6. Mr. Kelvin likes to do a bit of _________ in his spare time.

     A. gardening                    B. fishing                         C. camping                       D. skiing

7. He won’t _________ the wall in contrasting colours.

     A. make                            B. take                              C. paint                             D. watch

8. She is going to play the _________ to a big audience.

     A. dolls                             B. bottles                          C. piano                            D. garden

9. Jimmy loves taking _________ and posting them on websites.

     A. paintings                     B. photos                          C. videos                          D. music

10. _________ fish is the most interesting part of fishing.

     A. Going                           B. Catching                      C. Doing                           D. Making



I. Put the verbs into the correct form of the Present Simple.

1. She ____________ (want) to put all of her dolls in her dollhouse.

2. This ____________ (be) the first horse riding programme in our city.

3. Water ____________ (boil) at 100 degree Celsius under normal pressure.

4.  ____________ (Stacy, practise) playing the guitar three times a week?

5. Our neighbour ____________ (not have) a very healthy hobby.

6. Some of her friends ____________ (dislike) doing Maths homework.

7. We like to go to the stadium, but the tickets ____________ (not be) cheap.

8. The school bus ____________ (leave) at six sharp and won’t wait for us.

9. They ____________ (not do) much in the evenings but watch television.

10. John ____________ (play) football with his friends every weekend.

II. Complete the sentences using the -ing form of the verbs from the box.

read     collect                  watch       ride     go        do        take     play     paint             listen

1. Jessica enjoys ____________ to music after doing her homework.

2. Mum doesn’t like yoga, but she loves ____________ aerobics.

3. Dad likes ____________ fishing whenever he has free time.

4. Lucy’s favourite hobby is ____________ comic books in spare time.

5. You need to buy paintbrushes before you can start ____________ .

6. Joe likes ____________ photos, but he dislikes having bad photos.

7. Do you love ____________ the guitar or the piano? – The guitar.

8. They don’t like ____________ both TV channels and YouTube.

9. Robert really enjoys ____________ a bike in the early morning.

10. He and I have a common interest: we both like ____________ stamps.

III. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

1. Doing yoga _________ one of her hobbies.

     A. is                                  B. are                                C. being                            D. be

2. Building dollhouses is difficult, but Charlie _________ it a lot.

     A. love doing                   B. loves doing                 C. loves do                       D. love to do

3. Hannah and Sara _________ badminton twice a week.

     A. are playing                  B. doesn’t play                 C. plays                            D. play

4. Many groups _________ models of their house or their school.

     A. making                        B. doesn’t makes            C. make                            D. makes

5. Every year they _________ to Singapore for two weeks.

     A. travels                         B. doesn’t travel              C. travel                           D. not travel

6. My younger sister _________ with dolls very much.

     A. is liking to play          B. likes play                     C. likes to playing           D. likes playing

7. Emily _________ every day at seven, regular as clockwork.

     A. arrived                         B. arrives                         C. is arriving                    D. will arrive

8. _________ she _________ the English exams with high marks?

     A. Do … often pass                                                    B. Does … often pass 

     C. Does … pass often                                                D. Do … pass often

9. When the weather is good, he _________ camping in the mountain.

     A. usually goes                B. goes usually                C. usually go                    D. go usually

10. I think horse-riding _________ to learn, and it’s not popular here.

     A. be easy                        B. easy                              C. is not easy                   D. not easy


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