Đề thi học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 7 Global Success – Đáp án + File nghe



Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút 


A. LISTENING (2 pts)

Part 1. Listen and tick () the box. There is one example

 0. What time does Harry’s family have to leave the house? 

         A. half past five                      B. (quarter to seven       C. quarter past seven 

1. What must Harry take on holiday? 

A. new roller skates             B. a jacket                              C. a new toothbrush 

2. Where is Harry’s diary? 

A. on the balcony                 B. on the bookcase               C. on the little table

3. Where would Harry most like to go ? 

A. the cave                             B. any museums                   C. a zoo

4. What animal did Harry’s family film last year? 

A. a lot of camels                 B. that funny monkey          C. the big octopus

5. What is Harry’s mum going to buy? 

A. grandma’s medicine       B. the pizzas for dinner       C. a map 

Part 2: Listen and look , then write  the correct answer . There is one example. (1point) 


The school magazine

    Class can draw some :       ….. pictures….. 


     (1.) Name of magazine:


  (2.) In next week’s magazine :   

The ______________competition . 

  (3.)  students will talk to :  

a   _________________ person . 

  (4.) Time of meeting :             

__________ p. m

  (5.) Children should bring :   

funny_________ . 



I. Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others by circling A, B, C or D  (0.4 point)

1A. fine                                B. sign                       C. discipline             D. fine

2A. pear                               B. near                     C. really                    D. year

II. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete these sentences. (1.6 point)

1. My sister ______ her homework right now.   

            A. is doing                 B. does                        C. are doing             D. do

2. I read the book twice, I didn’t understand it.

            A. However               B. Despite                  C. Although              D. In spite of

3.  We will use more                          energy in the future.

            A. solar                      B. sunny                    C. sun                         D. sunlight

4. We will go fishing with some friends of

            A. us                           B. ours                         C.our                         D. we 

5 . they peroming folk dances?

            A. Do                         B. Will                       C. Are                        D. Did

6I’m sure you will find the book

            A.amuse                     B. amused                  C. interested             D. interesting

7. On Thanksgiving, families and friends__________to have a feast.

            A. meet                      B. gathered                C. arrive                    D. appear 

8. Because vehicles using fossil fuels cause pollution, scientists want to find a cheaper and_______ replacement.

            A. inconvenient        B. dangerous             C. polluted                D. eco-friendly

 C. READING (2 pts)

I. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the passage below. (1 pt)

        Solar energy is a long lasting source of (2)_____ , and it can be used almost anywhere. To generate solar energy, we only need solar cells and (2)_______.Solar cells can easily be installed on the (3) ________of the houses, so we don’t need any new space. Compared to other renewable sources, they also possess many advantages: wind and water power rely on turbines which (4)____noisy, expensive and which take up large space. Solar cells are totally silent and (5)__________. As they have no moving parts, they require little maintenance and have a long lifetime.

1.   A. energy                         B. wind                      C. electric                  D. water

2.   A. the earth                     B. the planet              C. the sun                  D. solar          

3.   A. yards                           B. roofs                      C. gardens                 D. hall            

4.   A. is                                 B. be                           C. are                          D. being         

5.   A. polluted                      B. non-polluting       C. polluting               D. unpolluted


II. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D . (1.0 pt)

Traffic jams have appeared in many places of our country. So in the future, many interesting means of transport will be invented by humans. My dream means of transport is a smart cycle. In my opinion, it will be powered by solar energy and wind energy to avoid pollution and save fuel. Two people can sit on it. We can use it anywhen and anywhere. It’s won’t take a lot of space. With the use of modern technology, this smart cycle will be able to help us many things and it will make our life become better. It will be able to avoid traffic jam, pollution and it help us travel to the sky more clearly. In the future, I hope this mean of transport will be come true.

1. There will be ………………… interesting means of transport in the future.

             A. many                    B. some                      C. a few                         D. less        

2What is the writer’s dream of transport in the future?

A. having a car          B. three                      C. having a smart bike D.  have two bikes

3. How many people can sit on the smart cycle? 

A. three                      B. two                         C. many                         D. a lot of

4. What does the word “It” in line 3 refer to?

A. smart cycle           B. dream                    C. opinion                       D. transport

5. What will this smart cycle be able to help us?

Amany things. 

Bavoid traffic jam, pollution , travel to the sky more clearly.                      

C. Both A and B are correct .

Ddoesn’t make our life become better.

D. WRITING (2 pts)

I. Find out the mistake in each of the following sentence( 0.4 point )

1. I think more people will  using public transportation in the future.. 

             A                        B     C                                                  D

2. I  goes  to a tulip  festival  two weeks  ago

         A                        B            C             D

II.  Rewrite the following sentences based on the given words. ( 0.6 pt )

1. Despite the main actress’s beauty, she didn’t act so well.

à  Although the main actress was

2These are our school bags.

à These school bags  

3. What is the distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau?

à How far__________________?

II. Make meaningful sentences based on the given words. (1.0 pt)

1. Next week/ I/ enjoy/ summer holiday/ beach

à ______________________

2. driverless cars/ we/ have/ 2050  

à  ________________________________

3. In the future,/ do now./ much further/ people / travel/ we/  

à  ______________________________________________.  

4.  If/ people/ build/ solar power/ plant,/ space/ must/ very huge.

à _________________________________________________________.  

5.  Like/ any/ other type/ power,/ solar energy/ have/ own/ disadvantage.

à ___________________________________________________________

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