Download Oxford Phonics World 12345 Workbook PDF

Download Oxford Phonics World Level 1-5 books are foundational books to help children on their English learning journey. 5 books are compiled by educational experts, helping children to acquire the most effective way to learn phonics according to the English alphabet and develop later skills of Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing.

Sách Oxford Phonics World 1,2,3

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Kaj Schwermer, Julia Chang, Craig Wright
Includes: Student Book, Workbook, mp3 files, videos, support website

Contents of the book Oxford Phonics World

This is the most complete set of phonics teaching textbooks with complete learning materials with student book, workbook, mp3 audio file & video. Children will learn step by step with the letters of the alphabet on how to write, pronounce, connect words together into vocabulary.

The book has a lot of interesting exercises to help your baby memorize the alphabet and pronounce correctly. Below is the download link for each book

  • Oxford Phonics World 1: Alphabet
  • Oxford Phonics World 2: Short vowel
  • Oxford Phonics World 3: Long vowel
  • Oxford Phonics World 4: Consonant Blends
  • Oxford Phonics World 5: Letter Combination

The effectiveness of the series is best demonstrated by the way children learn English face-to-face like native children. Children will remember words according to the illustrations naturally.

  • More than 150 phonetics are shown through popular cartoon characters such as: Angry Apple, Big Bear…
  • Short songs, rhymes and games will stimulate children to explore the connection between Phonetics and Letters
  • The activities presented in the curriculum will help children develop skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Spelling and help children apply English in practice.
  • The Oxford Phonics World App has many games, puzzles and attractive graphics to help children better interact with the lesson.

Oxford Phonics World App

The newly developed application helps teachers and parents support their children to learn better and have more fun with games and graphics in the application.

  • 3 levels, 27 lessons, 216 games, 200 vivid graphics for students
  • Learn the alphabet and 200 words
  • Learning to receive stars helps children get excited about their achievements

At what age should you study Oxford Phonics World?

From the age of 4, children can learn phonics and practice letters in the simple alphabet following the instructions of the Oxford Phonics World 1 book series to higher level books.

At the age of 4-6 years old is the age when children imitate very quickly and absorb information and remember for a long time.

At this stage, the baby loves listening to music, watching movies, coloring words, playing simple games, so learning a variety of methods is the best way. The Oxford Phonics World book is now full of exercises, games, and songs to help children learn effectively.

How to study with Oxford Phonics World book

  • Let your baby preview the video
  • Parents should have audio available in their phone or computer, open for children to do the exercises in the book in the order of the track file in the video folder corresponding to the disc in the book.
  • Children do the exercises in the book as required, listen to the file while doing the homework. Most of the exercises are accompanied by audio files, so parents need to sit next to the baby to support. When doing homework, parents try to let the child do it on his own, not support to let him be independent.
  • After getting used to it, parents guide their children to open the listening files in order and do the exercises according to the instructions, then check again.
  • Parents remember to have a reward if the child does well with the exercises in the book.
  • Let your baby participate in games and learn English through coloring pictures, flashcards, English songs & comics with audio files.

In addition, parents can let their children learn more, interact with lessons, games on the Oxford Phonics World app, English learning software & Youtube channel.

A regular schedule will help children remember knowledge for a long time and create very good study habits during pre-primary school. Even in 1st grade, your child continues to follow the exercises in this textbook!

Download Oxford Phonics World 1 Workbook

Download Oxford Phonics World 2 Workbook

Download Oxford Phonics World 3 Workbook

Download Oxford Phonics World 4 Workbook

Download Oxford Phonics World 5 Workbook

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