[FREE] Reading IELTS materials from 0 to 7.0 for each skill

Referring to IELTS Reading materials is one of the important steps to help you prepare well for your IELTS exam. The following article ETEST English will provide you with the best free IELTS Reading materials from basic to advanced, please refer!

Basic IELTS Reading

This is an IELTS Reading document with content to help you practice Basic knowledge about the IELTS Reading test. In addition, the book also has exercises according to each type of problem for you to practice getting acquainted and solving.

The content of the document has 3 main parts: Introduction and presentation of knowledge, exercises, and answers. The exercises section helps you to check your level of work.

Link to download the book: Basic IELTS Reading

ielts reading material

Get ready for IELTS Reading 

Another good IELTS Reading material for those who are just starting to learn IELTS. The book has 12 chapters, corresponding to 12 topics about each type of test in the IELTS Reading test. The content is presented in great detail and is easy to understand, accompanied by a way to identify the type of problem, solutions, exercises and answers.

In each chapter, there will be three main parts:

  • Part 1: Language development
  • Part 2: Skill development
  • Part 3: Exam Practice
ielts reading practice material

Link to download Reading IELTS preparation book Get ready for IELTS Reading

Reading Strategies for the IELTS Test

This is an IELTS Reading document that will help you conquer your goals in the upcoming exam. Because the book has very easy to understand content, a detailed summary of the types of articles that will be encountered in the IELTS Reading test. This will be one of the best materials for beginners.

In addition, the book also shows you good tips to complete quickly and choose quick answers for common types of questions in the Reading section. The book also guides you specifically on how to identify the question requirements and find the answers most easily.

Link to download Reading IELTS – Reading Strategies for the IELTS Test: HERE 

ielts reading book

Practical IELTS Strategies

This is a book you cannot ignore in your preparation for the IELTS Reading test. This IELTS Reading document not only introduces you in detail to the types of exercises that will be covered in this section of the test. The book also shows 20 tips for doing good exercises with different types of exercises, along with 40 small exercises with answers, to help you get acquainted and practice at home, so that the actual exam is no longer surprising.

Link to download IELTS Reading – Practical IELTS Strategies: HERE

ielts reading practice material

Improve Your Reading Skills

This is an IELTS Reading document that is very suitable for those who want to improve their IELTS band score through the Reading test. The book includes 10 chapters corresponding to 10 topics to solve 10 different types of problems. Each chapter will have 2 main parts: Reading Skill (teaching IELTS Reading skills) and Example (for example, small exercises corresponding to the knowledge in the previous section).

Link to download Improve Your Reading Skills: HERE

ielts reading practice material

Reading for IELTS by Collins

This document will help you practice Reading skills in each type of topic with exercises and common topics that are easy to encounter in the actual test. The content of the book is divided into 12 chapters corresponding to 12 topics, in which:

  • Units 1 to 11 are an introduction, classification and focused guide to the types of exercises that can be encountered in the IELTS exam.
  • Unit 12 is a practice test with the correct format for the IELTS Reading test for you to practice and familiarize yourself with as if you were participating in the real test. And include answers to compare results.

Link to download Reading for IELTS book by Collins: HERE

good ielts reading practice material

IELTS Reading Recent Actual Test Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The IELTS Reading Recent Actual Test Vel kit includes 5 books, each book is a complete mock test of the actual IELTS Reading exam that took place. Not only helps you to self-study and practice at home, but also can familiarize yourself with the actual exam questions to gain experience, do the test with the “mindset” like the real exam.

In addition, the document also has the following section synthesizing new vocabulary, analyzing the problem, only good tips to help you learn new vocabulary more effectively.

Link to download IELTS Reading Recent Actual Test Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: HERE

good ielts reading material
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