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Of the 4 IELTS skills, Listening skill always plays the most important role and is a very difficult part if we do not know the appropriate training methods and study materials. This is also a foundational skill, supporting communication in work and study.

As long as you are determined and apply it properly, you will surely succeed in training your English listening skills. Below, LangGo introduces you to the full set of IELTS listening practice materials – Free Download . Save to study and conquer IELTS Listening!

ielts listening

Basic IELTS Listening

This is one of the typical books used to practice IELTS Listening for those who are new to English, start listening but do not understand much. The book is also suitable for those who set low band goals, with short, simple and easy to understand lessons. Book content includes:

➣ Provide and guide simple tips to start doing effective listening, how to make the most of your time…

➣ 5 large lesson units focusing on 5 simple topics commonly encountered in IELTS are: Name and Places, Number, Survival English, Popular Science, Academic English.

➣ The lesson comes with 5-15 exercises to help you practice listening directly. For beginners, the listening lesson is simple, the voice is suitable and easy to listen to. Classifying lessons by topic makes learning to listen easier.

➣ The book has enough Audio + keys files at the end of the book to help you check the answers

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Get ready for IELTS listening

Get ready for IELTS listening is a book in the Get ready for IELTS series that is very suitable for those of you who want to start with IELTS Listening at home. The set of books has a simple design, exercises suitable for beginners.

The book contains 12 thematic lessons that are explained carefully and thoroughly, with very clear illustrated examples. With each lesson, you will be added vocabulary, grammar along with a short listening lesson for you to practice.

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Intensive IELTS Listening [Ebooks + Audio]

This is a specialized listening book for IELTS, very necessary for you to understand the IELTS listening test and practice the necessary English knowledge.

The book provides you with 5 types of questions that often appear in the IELTS Listening test and helps you conquer these question types easily; Includes: Ticking and Table filling, Map Labeling, Short Answer, Matching and Multiple Choice.

In addition, Intensive IELTS Listening at the end of the book also provides you with tests like real exams for you to practice testing your ability.

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Complete Tactics for listening

Tactics For Listening includes 3 books equivalent to 3 levels of basic, extended and advanced. Each level you will learn 24 lessons, each lesson describes a topic related to daily life and experiences in human life. The book is suitable for those who want to learn English communication from beginning to advanced.

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Listening Strategies for IELTS

If the book Listening Strategies for IELTS is not listed in the list of IELTS listening practice materials, it is indeed a big omission!

This is one of the most popular IELTS listening practice books by students because the book divides the listening process so that everyone from basic to advanced can listen and catch up with the listening lessons.

After each lesson, there are multiple-choice listening exercises to help you consolidate your knowledge and test yourself. Not only that, the useful tips in the book give you tips and tricks to practice listening and take the listening test most effectively.

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IELTS Recent Actual Listening Test Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This set of materials is considered one of the “killers” for IELTS Listening practice with a collection of sample test questions that are close to the real test, so the possibility of you succeeding in the IELTS exam is very high.

Besides, experiences, strategies for listening practice and doing exercises will be provided to help everyone better understand and apply them in the review process effectively.

With 6 titles that have been released, you will be spoiled for choice and have a thorough preparation for the exam!

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Improve Your IELTS Listening and Speaking

Improve Your IELTS Listening and Speaking is a fully developed book to improve both Listening and Speaking skills of learners, based on modules of the International English Testing System. Through practice exercises, your skills will be improved, making it easier to conquer higher scores in the actual exam.

The book includes 10 familiar lesson units, with each unit divided into 4 parts:

  • Topic talk
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Exam listening

Help learners improve their score through improving skills (Listening, Speaking), language development and as well as mastering the shortest and most effective techniques to get the maximum score in the test his exam.

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Collins – Listening for IELTS

This is a very good book in the Collin for IELTS series, with a slightly higher difficulty than the Get ready for IELTS listening book. Mainly for those of you who are having Band 5.0 – 5.5 self-training to conquer higher milestones (from Band 6.0 and above).

The book is divided into 12 units, corresponding to 12 topics close to life, such as: Holidays and travel, Youth, Education… to help learners visualize the lesson and approach topics better. .

With each unit from 1-11, the author divides it into 3 parts (including Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) for different purposes, corresponding to common question types in the IELTS test. As for unit 12, as usual, Collin gives readers a skill test close to the actual IELTS Listening test, so that learners can directly experience and self-assess their learning results. mine.

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15 Days Practice for IELTS Listening

The book 15 Days Practice for IELTS Listening is like the learning route and the 15 Days Practice for IELTS book series is suitable for those who have studied for IELTS and have a certain background of 5.0 IELTS or higher.

For those of you who are just starting out, you need to learn the IELTS test preparation route for beginners.

If you are about to have a real IELTS exam, 15 Days Practice for IELTS Listening gives you an overview of IELTS listening knowledge, a quality set of questions for you to practice more confidently and fluently!

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